Hi Little Disciples of Jesus,


I'm Merry Mouse!  People say I have big ears, twinkling eyes, and the light of Jesus inside!  


May I tell you a story?  One day I went for a walk, and wandered into a church called First Church.  There were people and children talking and laughing.  There were babies, too.  Everyone seemed so happy!  I ran up front and climbed into a plant so I could watch everything.  I decided this would be a great place to live! 


At first, I didn't understand the words everyone was using, so I set out to discover what they were talking about, especially this “Jesus”.  I learned God created you and even me, a little mouse.  As I learned about Jesus, I decided to write books to share with you so you would understand what I am learning.  Most of all, I learned Jesus loves you!  


I would simply squeak with happiness if you came with me on my adventure, as we learn more about becoming "disciples" of Jesus and how to share His love with others!


Hope you join me!

Merry Mouse

Just Released! “Merry Mouse: Grief and Loss" in Print.

Merry Mouse and his family have lived in the church for some time now. He’s learned so much about Jesus, and has come to trust in him. But now Papa is very sick. Is Jesus going to heal Papa if Merry Mouse asks? Join Merry Mouse on his journey of learning what it means to have comfort and hope in Jesus during times of grief and loss.

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Just Realeased!

Merry Mouse: Grief & Loss

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Merry Mouse: Easter In Our Father's House

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Merry Mouse: Christmas In Our Father's House

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